Animation of the Sugarz logo

Super fun, cool and snazzy branding!! @sugarzjewelry makes colourful and creative jewelry for fashionable and fun loving women. I created a visual brand that matches the spirit of Sugarz and it’s maker, full off witty visuals and catchphrases to go along with it. This belongs to my favourite type of projects ❤️. There will be more to see soon but this is a small animation I made of the Sugarz logo.

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The Art of Creative Chaos

Who is afraid of Creative Chaos?

When I start out with new clients in the process of designing a new brand and website, clients often hit a moment of feeling overwhelmed by so many ideas. This mostly happens in the first phase of exploring the brand and project, when we look at different styles, images, ideas, examples, colours and moods. This is the phase where we find inspiration and see possibilities. And this feels chaotic and overwhelming. How can we find clarity? How can we make something out of this muddle? How do you know what to choose, where to go with all these possibilities? This is scary!

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