The Art of Creative Chaos

Who is afraid of Creative Chaos?

When I start out with new clients in the process of designing a new brand and website, clients often hit a moment of feeling overwhelmed by so many ideas. This mostly happens in the first phase of exploring the brand and project, when we look at different styles, images, ideas, examples, colours and moods. This is the phase where we find inspiration and see possibilities. And this feels chaotic and overwhelming. How can we find clarity? How can we make something out of this muddle? How do you know what to choose, where to go with all these possibilities? This is scary!

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Crunchy, colourful sprinkles and a soft green avocado, by Vanessa McKeown.

This super image is made by Vanessa McKeown. Crunchy colourful sprinkles in the middle of a soft green avocado on a background of flat girly pink. This image tickles the senses, contrasting the taste and textures that you know are there in this picture. I love it! It is contrast that you need and this image has these ingredients that belong to good art and design.

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Mike, bringing energy to the web

Take a look at this new brand I designed for Mike.

Mike Miello works with entrepreneurs and helps businesses with branding and design, creating websites and apps, and marketing. What he needed was a brand that shows his playful nature, his energy and his sports attitude to business. His catchphrase: “Let’s play ball and move your business!”

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French poodles logo design

I have visualized an oldie of mine, a French poodles logo design I did for a discarded project of mine: Kati Boudoir Design. I still love it and wanted to give it a place in my portfolio with my other brand designs. It came from a cheerful and sexy idea for a collection of desirable cushions, wallpaper and accessories.
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