brand development & design 

Dare to take the stage and put your business in the spotlight.

I’m a brand consultant and designer and I help businesses define their vision, develop a brandstory and visualise their brand.

Are you starting a business, or looking to re-brand?

Do you want your brand to stand out, look professional and be true to your vision? 

Maybe it’s time to take to the stage and put your business in the spotlight.

Let’s get your business on stage.

Go from business, to brand, to showtime! 



Brandstory Discovery

We get to know you, your brand, your vision. We look at your audience and your brand’s personality, at where you are, and where you want to be. 


Brand development

We analyse, strategise & start creating your brand identity. We work to distill and concentrate your brand into a look that says: “Hello! Is it me you are looking for?”


strategy & design

I delight in seeing a brand expand into an all-encompassing brand experience. From websites to packaging and everything in between. This is showtime!

If you are ready to build your brand, attract the right audience, and shine on stage, I can help. Contact me for your free 30-minute introductory call to virtually meet, talk about your business and explore what you needs are.

Would you like to be on my wall of fame?

The wall of fame, where I love to put my clients in the spotlight. Will you be next?

Client Love


"I'm creatively and professionally in love with you..."


"Katrien creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life..."


"She created the most wonderful brand for me."


"I love that you created a feel for my shop which now can be put on everything."

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Take your brand to the stage! | Design & Branding byKatrien  | Welcoming clients worldwide.

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