Brand Consulting, Visual Strategy & Design for Stylish and Colourful Businesses.

Find your true brand story and grow a beautiful business.


I’m Katrien.

A creative consultant and designer, I help stylish and colourful businesses develop their concept into a beautiful and personal brand, so they can show up, have fun and connect with their audience.

Are you looking for a creative partner for your business to help you develop and create your brand?

With more then 10 years of experience working as a creative on projects that range from interior design and brand development for restaurants, bars and shops, to designing brand identities and webdesign for businesses and entrepreneurs, I have developed a good sense for finding your brand story, creating a design strategy and turning them into beautiful designs.  

  • “She is much more than a graphic designer; she creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life.”

  •  “Katrien doesn’t create designs, she creates emotion. “

    eva visser plaza


What business are you in?

My clients are diverse and with different backgrounds, from solo entrepreneurs to ambitious start-ups, from the world of hospitality to fashion and lifestyle to wellness. They all are stylish and sparkling businesses, looking for the right visual strategy for their brand.


Selected Work

Kalm Pilates

Brand development, Visual Strategy and Design



Brand development, Visual Strategy and Design


Oud Suyt

brand identity and Design


Kind words

I discovered Katrien’s website through finding her artwork and absolutely loved her sense of style and eye for detail. Since then, we’ve worked together on several projects and in my opinion she is an absolute star as she is able to take any brief I give her and turn it into something beautiful. She is much more than a graphic designer; she creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life. More than that, she has helped me to think through some essential parts of my business just by asking the right questions.

Kalm Pilates & SVPR

“I have worked on and off with Katrien over de past years, developing my brand over time helping me finding more and more clarity regarding my vision and visual message. Katrien doesn’t sell designs, she sells emotion. As human beings we don’t buy a product or a service, we buy an emotion, and Katrien is capable of helping you to do just that: help your brand to connect with your ideal client. She does this by clarifying your vision and mission and develop a creative strategy with the right assets, such as a website, brand identity or visual content for your brand. In the end, it all comes down to conveying the essence of your business with the right message to your audience.”

Eva Authentic Living

Katrien is a true artist, a passionate and skilled professional. She is able to connect with your passion and qualities and make them visible; she takes your business message and molds it into something gorgeous.

Elisa Imperatori Yoga

With Katrien Riks you have a design game-changer. Someone who brings design to the next level by combining all senses – including the sixth sense – with her natural intelligence.I hired Katrien to do my logo and brand design after seeing some of the original work in her portfolio. Not only does she have a special talent for creating unique designs that are bold, daring, inviting, and beautiful at once – she is also a thoughtful, dedicated and determined artist in the full sense who clearly aims for the best. She took all of my key wishes to heart – from wanting something elegant to adding a bit of humour. She truly got me and what I do. I have enjoyed collaborating with her during the entire process, from concept to end.

Native Communications

Katrien rocked my branding! I wanted to box on branding ideas inside my head and she was the perfect sparring partner. For me, I wanted to infuse ENERGY into my brand because that’s I want to offer to my clients. And she was really able to help me design “energy” on a level that I couldn’t do by myself. Colors, fonts and feel is one area she dominates, but being able to discuss on a deep level about what you want to stand for and how that could look like….that’s the magic I needed.

Webodew + Michael Miello