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ByKatrien is dedicated to creating beautiful, fun & sexy design for stylish businesses that want to look special & stand out from the crowd.

♦ Designing for businesses that work in fashion, wellness and hospitality ♦

Beautiful design is an investment for the future of your business and transforms how the world sees you and what you offer.

In the current market place for you to be noticed, you need to look as stylish and professional as the big brands, and as original and unique as you are.  You may not have reached the same heights as your bigger competitors,  but you want to appear to be in the same league, stand out and ooze confidence.

I will help you create a dynamic brand experience that builds awareness, draws your ideal customers to you and helps you grow your business.


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Selected Projects

Kind words


“I’m creatively and professionally in love with you…”


“Katrien creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life…”


“She created the most wonderful brand for me.”


“I love that you created a feel for my shop which now can be put on everything.”


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( And don’t forget: Less isn’t more. It’s less. )

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to help shape your brand. In this Free Guide I’m taking you through 3 steps that will help you define your story and your ideal client’s story, learn how to visualise them and see your brand come to life!

Design & Branding byKatrien. Specialising in creating beautiful brand experiences for businesses who are ready to play, grow & shine.

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