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I’m an illustrator and designer. I help my clients develop their vision and brand, bringing it to life with my unique style. Not a fan of beige or cooking-cutter brands, I like to create witty, colourful, and original designs and illustration.


Lucky Dip

A selection from my portfolio

Lucky Dip

A selection from my portfolio

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"I'm so glad I found you."

Thanks so much honey. I love love love your work. My friend says your drawings bring back nostalgic memories of a wonderful childhood that she always dreamed of having, but never did. I’m so glad I found you.

Deborah Leader


"I love working with you"

I was never a fan of the word or concept of branding, but I love that you created a feel for my shop which now can be put on everything, from store signs, to bags, to business cards. I understand now that this look & feel, this story, is recognisable to my existing customers and can provoke good feelings upon that recognition. The brand is playful and beautiful and grabs the attention of those who do not yet know the shop itself.

Isis Goldstein 


"I'm creatively in love with you."

Working with Katrien was as fun and exciting as it gets! With just a few words, Katrien understood my wishes and ideas for my brand and, adding her vision, the new identity of my brand came out better and cooler than I could have imagined! She is a great listener and translates her customers wishes into colours, visuals and styles that bring a brand to a higher level. Love her work!

Suzanne Hof



"You always ask the right questions."

I discovered Katrien’s website through finding her artwork online and absolutely loved her sense of style and eye for detail. Since then, we’ve worked together on several projects and in my opinion she is an absolute star as she is able to take any brief I give her and turn it into something beautiful. She is much more than a graphic designer; she creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life. More than that, she has helped me to think through some essential parts of my business just by asking the right questions.

Sarah Vrancken


"I absolutely love what we’ve created together!"

Working with Katrien has been a true joy. I hired her for branding and design as I absolutely love her work and she kicked off our project with her Brand Discovery package. I already had significant small business development and branding experience and I was curious if the brand discovery would go beyond what I could do for myself.  She took what was previously a time- and energy-consuming task for me and made it straightforward, easy and utterly enjoyable — like having a nice chat with an old friend. Katrien collaboratively and intuitively pulled everything together with such ease and flow and it was especially valuable to have the input of a knowledgable and experienced branding specialist. I was amazed at how quickly my brand came to life right before my eyes — like magic!

Laurie Villareal

"She keeps being that creative inspiration."

Katrien is such a great person to work with, for your business vision and your brand. She listened to my story and saw something in my brand that I even didn’t see. Even now, almost 10 years later, she keeps being that creative inspiration who really cares about you as a person and your business. I love working with her: she keeps bringing new ideas to the table and even now, she still knows what my business needs, sometimes even more than me.

Barbara Gemin – We Like Massage