“My work is influenced by my English heritage and a love for elegant French style, to which I like to add a touch of fun and sexiness.”

Hi, I’m Katrien.

I am a designer and art director, helping businesses find, develop and visualise their brand into beautiful and engaging designs.



About me

My work is influenced by my English heritage and a love for elegant French style, to which I like to add a touch of fun and sexiness. Brought up in the countryside of Holland in a big house with cats, goats and rabbits and space for a whole lot of creativity (we were always cooking, dancing, playing the piano, building tents, reading, drawing, painting and creating),  I couldn’t have turned out any different than I have now: a creative designer with a zest for fun!

I started out at art school studying textile design, where I discovered an interest in the ambiguities of feminine vs masculine style and taste in design. This has since then developed into a lifelong exploration of the theme of feminine style and taste in design and literature. I have worked as an interior stylist and consultant with Mulberry Home in Amsterdam after which I decided to start my own business to design interiors and branding for restaurants and shops. Since then I have developed my talent for sensing the story behind a brand, visualizing and designing the concept including a brand identity and physical environments such as restaurants and shops.

Who I work with

Creating, designing and developing brands together with the client is a beautiful process.

I love working with stylish businesses who care about their brand and their product, who are creative and fun loving. Quality and beauty are important ingredients for their brand and they are willing to work hard to get it right.

If you would like to get to know me or to connect with me and talk about your business and what you need, you can contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Or send me an email at love@katrienriks.com


Concept Development / Visual Strategy / Brand Identity / Website Design / Art Direction / Illustration  / Interior Design 

No project is the same and depending on the need and development of your business,  I offer several design skills and services that together make up a project. 

Values I live and design by