I am a creative consultant and designer, and founder of byKatrien, specialising in creating engaging, elegant and fun brand experiences for businesses that work in fashion, wellness and hospitality.

I work closely with my clients, finding their true story by exploring their vision and concept and turning that into a visual strategy with beautiful designs.

What separates me from other branding professionals is I am a creative partner to my clients, I ask the right questions that will help define their true direction, and execute this flawlessly across their branding and marketing communications.

My work includes the creation of logos, brand identities, websites, packaging, illustrations, video or even whole interiors when it suits your brand experience.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I create for brands from all over the world.



Katrien Riks

Katrien’s journey from studying at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and graduating in Textile Design to becoming the brand designer she is now, has been versatile.

It has taken her from designing wallpapers, a university course in English language and literature, luxury home decoration, setting up a restaurant, interior design and branding, to designing logos and brand identities for small businesses. She has gained a lot of creative experience in creating atmospheres and designing identities that express the stories behind the brands. Her design work is a crossover between graphic design and illustrations for identity styles, often a combination of classic elegance and the whimsical. She loves to work closely together with the client, believing that creative energy between people gives the best result.

Who are my clients?

I specialise working with creative entrepeneurs who work in fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and hospitality and have been in business for a couple of years. They appreciate my aesthetic (elegant, stylish, feminine, playful and fun), understand the value of beautiful and creative design for their brand and are willing to invest in themselves, their business and their vision.

Do I work alone?

Yes and no, byKatrien is a one woman business, depending on the type of project and client I collaborate with other professionals who are part of the team, and I have a network of creatives with their own specialities who I get on board, if needed, such as video, photography and web development. That said, I am the brand specialist and designer and the work is done under my creative guidance.

Why do I do what I do?

I have a strong drive to create, to enhance this world with beauty and add a bit of playfulness, and to counteract the ugliness of the world, the boring and the beige. I have a natural sense for style and play in design and a great understanding of the uniqueness of people, their business and ideas, and subsequently their brand, and I truly want to help and transform this into tangible visual brand experiences that give pleasure and joy.

Do I als work with businesses outside of The Netherlands?

Absolutely. I love working internationally and have clients in different locations.

Kind Words

Working with Katrien was as fun and exciting as it gets! With just a few words, Katrien understood my wishes and ideas for my brand and, adding her vision, the new identity of my brand came out better and cooler than I could have imagined! She is a great listener and translates her customers wishes into colours, visuals and styles that bring a brand to a higher level. Love her work! 

Suzanne Hof

Founder & Designer, Sugarz Jewelry

I am not a fan of the word or concept branding, but I love that you created a feel for my shop which now can be put on everything from store signs, to bags, to business cards. I understand now that this feeling, this story, is recognisable to my existing customers and can provoke a good feeling upon that recognition. That the brand is playful and beautiful and grabs the attention of those who do not yet know the inside of the shop.

Isis Goldstein

Owner, Toy Shop Knutsel Frutsel

I discovered Katrien’s website through finding her artwork online and absolutely loved her sense of style and eye for detail. Since then, we’ve worked together on several projects and in my opinion she is an absolute star as she is able to take any brief I give her and turn it into something beautiful. She is much more than a graphic designer; she creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life. More than that, she has helped me to think through some essential parts of my business just by asking the right questions.

Sarah Vrancken

Founder, Kalm Pilates

The communication with Katrien was warm and pleasant. She offered to create a brand for me that would fit the way I do my work. She created the most wonderful brand for me that expresses perfectly how I work. It’s beautiful, feminine and warm and looks really professional. But it also shows strength and protection, which my clients need from me. It has lifted the presentation of myself and my business to the professional level I needed. My clients and others in my network are also enthusiastic. I get a lot of compliments! Thanks, Katrien!

Ike Rosier

Lawyer, Ike Rosier

Katrien is a true artist, a passionate and skilled professional. She is able to connect with your passion and qualities and make them visible; she takes your business message and molds it into something gorgeous.

Elisa Imperatori

Founder & Teacher, Elisa Imperatori Yoga

I have worked on and off with Katrien over de past years, developing my brand over time helping me finding more and more clarity regarding my vision and visual message. Katrien doesn’t sell designs, she sells emotion. As human beings we don’t buy a product or a service, we buy an emotion, and Katrien is capable of helping you to do just that: help your brand to connect with your ideal client. She does this by clarifying your vision and mission and develop a creative strategy with the right assets, such as a website, brand identity or visual content for your brand. In the end, it all comes down to conveying the essence of your business with the right message to your audience.

Eva Visser Plaza

Founder, Eva Authentic Living

Design & Branding byKatrien. Specialising in creating beautiful brand experiences for businesses who are ready to play, grow & shine.


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