I’m Katrien.


A creative consultant and designer, I help stylish and colourful businesses develop their concept into a beautiful brand, so they can show up, have fun and connect with their audience.

I do that by working closely with my clients, finding their true story by exploring their vision and concept and turning that in a visual strategy with beautiful designs.

What separates me from other branding professionals is I serve as a creative and business partner to my clients, asking the right questions, that will help define their true direction, and executing that flawlessly across their marketing communications.

“My work is influenced by my English heritage and a love for elegant French style, to which I like to add a touch of fun and sexiness.”

About me

Brought up in the countryside of Holland in a big house with cats, goats and rabbits and space for a whole lot of creativity (we were always cooking, dancing, playing the piano, building tents, reading, drawing, painting and creating),  I couldn’t have turned out any different than I have now: a creative designer with a zest for fun!

With a degree in textile design, experience in home decorating, interior design and the restaurant business, I have developed a talent for sensing the story behind a brand, visualizing and designing the concept including a brand identity and interiors for places such as restaurants and shops.

Who I work with

I work with fashion, food & lifestyle brands. 
I love working with stylish businesses who care about their brand and their product, who are creative and fun loving. Quality and beauty are important ingredients for their brand and they are willing to work hard to get it right.
Creating, designing and developing brands together with the client is a beautiful process and the way I work is

If you would like to get to know me or to connect with me and talk about your business and what you need, you can contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible!