Meet Katrien

Katrien is a designer and illustrator who knows how to create wonderful feminine designs for her clients and believes in creating beauty and enriching it with femininity.

Hello, I’m Katrien.

I’m a designer, branding specialist and webdesigner with a whimsical and feminine style. I help feminine businesses with their brand by developing and designing stylish and unique brand personalities.
I love helping my clients develop their vision and discover their brand, to then translating it into a visual identity that brings it to life.
Not a fan of beige, cooking-cutter brands, I like to create original witty, colourful, and elegant work. (The world out there is grey enough, I think we can do with a bit of gaiety.)
Book a free 30 minutes discovery call to meet me and ask me questions.


How do I work?

To create the best work, it is very important to lay the foundations for the brand right from the start. I do that by first meeting and getting to know each other and the business. Following this we take the next step going in deep and start discovering your brandstory, ideal audience and objective. Only when that proces has gotten underway and a look & feel for the brand has emerged, will we start the design process. And this goes for all projects, really, big or small – the best work comes from having a clear idea of brand, vision and objective.

Would you like to know more about my design process? Why not have a look at this page.

Who do I work with?

I work with women entrepreneurs who work in wellness, beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food business. They have been in business for a couple of years, and care about investing in themselves, their vision and business.

What my clients all have in common is they are all visionary. They are smart, want to make a difference and make the world a bit more beautiful and understand the importance of a strong brand.

They appreciate my aesthetic (elegant, feminine, playful and fun), understand the value of beautiful and creative design for their brand and are willing to invest in themselves, their business and their vision.

Oh… and they have a sense of humour.

What I love…

Who I am…

I live with my cat (my not very effective personal assistant), and my man (my slightly more effective in-house tech-wiz and videographer) 💕 in the Amsterdam area, The Netherlands. In daily life I like to entertain and cook for friends and family, trying to keep my roses and herbs on my balcony alive, to play the piano, and read a good book before sleep.

My life started out surrounded by green fields, cats and goats, in a slightly bohemian, bilingual household full of music, cooking and building tents with my siblings. Growing up with an English mother and a Dutch father gave me the foundations of an international outlook on life and a definitive English influence on my aesthetic tastes.

I left my childhood home to go to art school starting out in Graphic Design and switching to Textile Design, where I discovered my unique style. After graduating I made my way trying out various things, from an English Literature course at the University of Amsterdam, a stint in luxury home decoration, setting up a restaurant and helping food businesses with developing their concept and designing their brand and interior.

That’s when I discovered where my power lies: developing a concept into a complete visual story.

Click here to see my Map of my Life illustration project —>


You might have a couple of questions you’d like answered, before contacting me. I have answered some that I have heard asked. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

What is your process of working?

When a client contacts me, I like to schedule a 30-minute free introductory Zoom or Skype call to see if we are a match and in what way I can help.

We then decide what the best next step is, I will give an indication of the costs or create a proposal, after which we plan our first Discovery Session. During our Discovery talk we go in deep and talk about your branding and design needs, your business’s or project’s background and discuss the essence of you business. I ask the right questions and offer feedback and ideas. This is the beginning of the branding process.

You can book an individual Discovery call of 90 minutes, or a short programme of two 1 hour calls, homework and a visual brand report. Go here for more information.


What are your fees?

I offer 2 brand consultation starter packages priced each at €200 and €750. Design projects require a custom made quote or proposal but I have starting prices for design work which you can see here.  If you have any questions, please, do contact me.


Do you also work with businesses outside of The Netherlands?

Absolutely. I love working internationally and have clients that are located in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Washington and even Saudi Arabia.


Do I need to prepare before working with you?


You should have an idea of what your business is about before starting with the Discovery Sessions. I can only help if you have a sense of direction and are dedicated to your business or project.

If you want a website designed for you, it is necessary you have done your research, know what you want to achieve with your website, have content ready (you could think about hiring a copywriter) and your wishes clear. Of course, we can discuss this beforehand, but I won’t be able to design a website without content or ideas about structure and objective.

I only want a website and I already have a logo, can you help me with that?

Yes, I can. However, it’s a good idea to have a chat first and discuss your brand look & feel and if it suits my style and my style suits you.


Do you only work with women?

No. Not on principle anyway 😊. But I do specialise in brands targeting a female audience.

If you are inspired and excited by my work and feel it suits your aesthetics, you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Just get in touch and we’ll have a chat.


Do you work alone?

Yes and no, I am a one woman business, depending on the type of project and client I collaborate with other professionals who are part of the team, and I have a network of creatives with their own specialities who I get on board, if needed, such as video, photography, web development and copywriting. That said, I am the brand specialist and designer and the work is done under my creative guidance.

Ready to create your brand?

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