What is visual storytelling and why does it matter?


“Once upon a time there was a young(-ish) lady living in Amsterdam, whose passion was to create beautiful designs for creative and stylish brands, and help them visually tell their story. She created their colour scheme, developed the look and feel, a logo and a visual language for their website that expressed their brand’s story to their audience who were so happy to have found “their” brand.”

So, what do I mean when I talk about visual storytelling?

The meaning of visual storytelling is quite straightforward: told primarily through the use of visual media. The story may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.

When I talk about visual storytelling I mean telling brand stories by creating a visual language through mood, colours, graphics and fonts. Those are the foundations of a visual brandstory. Setting the scene, so to say. Which then can be enhanced by illustration, photography and video…. or even an interior.

Every brand (every business) has a story to tell, with a scene and a central character. Sometimes it is very clear, often a bit more subtle. But it is there.

Why is visual storytelling so important?

Because it creates a connection with your brand’s audience. People recognise themselves in stories. They feel understood, they want to get to know you more, they like hanging out with you because you are fun and entertaining and likeable and you make them feel good.

What is your story?

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