Why it’s not about the logo.

“I am starting a new business and I need a logo.”

Often, when a new client comes to me, what they think they are looking for is a logo for their company. And I always ask them why they think they need a logo.

And their answer is something like: because I have a business and I need to look professional… and need something to put at the top of my website… and on a business card….

But then what? You have your logo. What do you do with it? You put it at the top of your website…. and your business card…. but what about the rest?

We seem to build our brands around logos, but logos on their own actually say nothing. Not without a brand, anyway. Your logo is not your brand. Your brand is the look and feel of your business plus the non-visual experience your audience gets interacting with your business. It’s about what your audience feels.

And... it's showtime!

Great brands are built from the inside out:

they are built around a strong belief system and are driven by values. What your audience experiences every time they interact with your company is the brand.

So why even bother with the visual side of your brand? Should you leave out the logo all together?

No. Your visual identity is hugely important, including your logo, it’s the expression and communicator of your brand. But…. it’s not the starting point. The starting point is you, your vision, believes and values: your brand story.

Only then comes what that would look like: the colours, images, mood, typography and a logo.

Don't go on stage with only your hat.

Don’t go on stage wearing only a hat.

Picture this: you preparing to go on stage. You’ve got your story, what you want to communicate to your audience, you find the right costume to do this in, you dress yourself, put on your make-up, wear your pearls. And finally, you put on your hat. And… it’s showtime! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Now, what if you didn’t have a story, and no costume to put on, no make-up or pearls… you walk on stage wearing only a top hat… Your logo is your top hat. It’s a showpiece, it completes your outfit, your show. But it’s not enough to carry the show. And you look kind of naked. You don’t go on stage wearing only a hat.

That’s why I always start with the story. Because it’s not about the logo. It’s about the story and the full experience.

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