An essential part of  the Design Process is creating moodboards to disstill the essence of your brand story, brainstorm ideas for a design or set the tone of the mood of your brand.

Starting out with (re)branding your business or designing a new website can seem daunting. The process is a long one and where do you start? One of the first steps is researching your brand story and exploring your design needs.

Before you start with a new design project, wether this is a new brand identity, brand experience or a new website, it is important to get a clear idea of your story, so you can capture the tone and subject matter and start to define what approach will work best.



Moodboards are a way to capture and distill a brand story and start building a visual direction. The process usually begins with a worded concept. Before you begin with gathering visual inspiration, define words that are associated with your design themes, emotions, or personality attributes of your brand. These words serve as a starting point when you start collecting visuals, textures, typography, colours, and even objects, that reflect your new ideas for your brand.


moodboard for online pilates school Kalm Pilates


You can create moodboards for different parts of your brand, such as your overall brand feeling, your brand story, or get more specific with moodboarding logo ideas, colour palettes, ideas for a new website, interior design, social media content, packaging and so forth…. it’s the perfect way to research and visualise your brand and use it as a touchstone for further brand development.


moodboard for brand identity for We Like Massage


This is something you can do yourself, or, if you prefer, you can have a professional brand designer like me 😊 do it for you. I specialise in interpreting a brand’s visual mood and creating beautiful and inspiring moodboards that clarify and guide you towards a visual brand direction. I will soon launch a special Branding & Moodboard package for clients who would like to explore their brand and branding ideas, before starting out a full branding process, so keep an eye out for this, or contact me if you are interested.