I have fallen in love with this painting! Colourful, joyful and cheeky, this painting looks like something juicy you can bite into.

This is art that makes you feel happy!

I came across this painting, Prom no. 1 by Nicole Newsted, on Ugallery.com, and now am dreaming of having this artwork above my sofa! Checking out Nicole Newsted’s work on her website, I felt a spark of joy, the colours and subjects seem at first sight simple, but there is definitely more to them: the paintings are beautifully textured, the day to day objects that we collect in our lives are given centre stage and become the subject for art. But Nicole Newsted herself says it best:

“My work explores the everyday objects that make our lives brighter, lighter and more joyful. I create work for my inner child.”

PROM NO. 1 by Nicole Newsted

Detail Prom no. 1

Three Donuts

Table of Lemons

J’aime les Macarons

Essie, corals no. 2

Blue gummy bear