Why do I do what I do.

When I was designing my new website, I was encouraged to think about my work, my style and why I do what I do. Why I design and create brand experiences, why I illustrate, play with typography, put moodboards together…. well, all the visual creating and assembling I do, and have done since I was…. what? one years old? Maybe younger (because don’t we all start out as creatives?).

When I tune in to my inner sense of purpose I realise I have a strong drive to create, to enhance this world with beauty and add a bit of playfulness. and to compensate for the ugliness of the world, the boring and the beige. Don’t we all, in essence, crave for beauty? To be moved, to be entertained, to be enticed and charmed and to enjoy…. what we see around us, how we experience our surroundings and how we connect with like minded people.

I love what Alan Moore says in his book Do Design – Why beauty is key to everything.

The act of creating something of beauty is a way of bringing good into the world. Infused with optimism, it says simply: Life is worthwhile.


 –– Alan Moore


Beautiful design is an investment for the future of your business and transforms how the world sees you and what you offer and gives your audience the satisfaction that beauty and pleasure give.

I have a natural sense for style and play in design and a great understanding of the uniqueness of people, their business and ideas, and subsequently their brand. If you are looking for a designer to help you with your brand and create something that is different, original and personal,  why not have a look at my work or reach out to me?