Summer Scenes

Project Summer Scenes description Imagining summer scenes, from the sunny outdoors to rain and...

Showtime illustrations

Project Showtime description Self initiated illustration collection celebrating vintage showgirl aesthetic, backstage in the dressing room. To present my theatre inspired illustrations I created a magazine-style mockup, rather than the way around, illustrating to...

Use your voice

Project Use your voice description Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Read my lips, Vote Baby Vote. I have created these illustrations expecially for a collection of scarves celebrating feminism, the right to vote and the need for...

Bristol street with fox

My brother, who lives in Bristol, one night met a cat, a fox and a mouse. There was a stand-off. Together with an image of having packages delivered to him in steep hilled Bristol inspired this illustration. There is no cat in this scene but fox and mouse are going their own ways while the delivery guy is cycling up the hill to deliver post to my brother.

Let them drink oatmilk

This collection was inspired by the Corona virus lockdown and how to survive it… when we still didn’t know how long it would be.

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