A Map of my Life – Completely Abridged.

I wanted to make this a very personal project and couldn’t decide on just one place. I made it a bit difficult for myself and chose a selection of locations that are, or have been, part of my life. Being born and living in the Netherlands, this was even more challenging because it’s such a small country compared to England and France… so I tweaked the dimensions. And even then I had to squeeze in details into the small country with the longest name.

St.Jansklooster – The house I grew up in.

Den Haag – Where I went to art school.

Amsterdam – Where I have been living for 20 years now.

London – Where I lived a short time to get work experience as a textile designer and have loved ever since.

Bristol – Where friends and family live.

Yetminster – the house my grandparents used to live in.

Vaujany – where my sister lives and I skied for the first time, that was this winter.

Manosque – Where my parents live.

Spin offs: