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Kalm Pilates by Sarah Vrancken is an online Pilates community, offering online Pilates video based programmes.

This was a big project where we designed a website from scratch taking into account all the special features the website needed such as video playlists, member’s pages and a newsletter.

The combination of diagonal shapes, a beautiful script font and a bright aqua-green colour create a modern and fresh look, with a dash of gold for a bit of class.

Small illustrations of figures in pilates poses add a playful look and make it fun to engage with the website.

Check out the Kalm Pilates brand identity here.


I discovered Katrien’s website through finding her artwork online and absolutely loved her sense of style and eye for detail. Since then, we’ve worked together on several projects and in my opinion she is an absolute star as she is able to take any brief I give her and turn it into something beautiful. She is much more than a graphic designer; she creates brands from a blank page and brings them to life. More than that, she has helped me to think through some essential parts of my business just by asking the right questions.

– Sarah Vrancken  Founder of Kalm Pilates & Pilates Teacher


Branding & Website Design for online Pilates School



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