the branding process

From business, to brand, to showtime!

Here are the steps that make it happen:


pearls are a girls best friend

Great brands are built from the inside out. The starting point of your brand is you, your vision, believes and values: your brand story. Start diving for those pearls and uncover what is behind your brand.

costume & make-up

Start create your brand identity. Logo, colour scheme, typography, graphic language… dress up your persona with the pearls and other gems found in the discovery process.

dress rehearsal

It’s time to get on stage: what props do you need? Website, printed materials, merchandise, social media presence, signage… It is important to get your brand story across in all your brand communications.

it’s showtime!

You are wearing your pearls, have donned your hat, feathers and sparkling suit and it’s showtime!

If you are ready to get on to that stage and want to know more about how I can help you with design, contact me here.