Promotional video allows you to get up close and personal with your audience, show them your personality and attract them to your brand.

Promo videos are an entertaining and fun way to share your message, product or share info and great promo videos work because audiences associate positive feelings with a business and product after watching a video that was able to keep their full attention.

I have, together with the experienced videographer and editor Jöran Maaswinkel, created short promo videos for our client’s brand stories and their business message. We use filming and animation to create videos that are on brand, stylish and creative.

Below are some of the videos we have created for brands we have worked with: Sugarz Jewelry, byKatrien, Health Promoters, Livoos.

Creating videos is huge fun and gives an extra dimension to your brand. Contact us if you are interested in a creative and stylish video for your brand.

A playful promo video for myself.

We had so much fun making this! I wanted to make something that would be fun to watch, tell a bit about what I do and attract attention. And it worked! 😊

Promoting the Kalm Pilates Back Pain programs.

Sarah, founder and teacher at Kalm Pilates, is based in London, so she has her own videographer to film her but she sent us the footage so we could make a good looking and on brand video to help her promote her new back pain programme.

Showing the passion.

Suzanne wanted to share her passion for making her own jewellery for her brand Sugarz in a video. The Sugarz brand is colourful and hip and we decided to make it interesting by having Suzanne switch outfits and add elements of her branding.  What we ended up with was super fun and snappy video.

Using moving graphics to say something.

I wanted to promote my free guide about visual storytelling and we made a little video based on typography and visual elements.

Tell it straight.

Ok, to be honest, I didn’t have much to do with this video, it is Jöran’s creation. But it is here to show what we can do as well. You have something to say? Say it. A well written script, good lighting plus camera work, the right music and the right personality and you have something beautiful to share with the world. 

A stylish introduction to a new business concept.

To accompany their launch, Livoos asked us to make a animated video of their concept, using the blurb they had written to introduce their new brand.