Design Services

You are wearing your pearls, have donned your feathers and sparkling suit: 

It’s showtime!

With your visual brandstory, a brand identity with a logo, colour palette and matching typography, you can start creating your brand strategy. I delight in seeing a brand expand into an all-encompassing brand experience, from websites to packaging and everything in between.

What do you need for your business to shine on stage and attract and connect with your audience?

See the possibilities here:

Website Design


A fully branded website, designed to meet your needs and beautifully styled for that full brand experience. Paired with your unique brand identity, your website will help you market your business with ease.


Packaging is a very important element of your branding, it is part of your product and customer experience. It makes your client go “yummy, I’ll have that” and feel special when buying it.


Video allows you to get up close and personal with your audience, show them your personality and attract them to your brand.

Videos can be an entertaining and fun way to share your message, product or share info. If your brand needs video to help you connect with your audience or get the right attention, it is one of the services I offer.

Marketing Collateral 

Attract and create a following through coordinated visual marketing, from Instagram posts to printed flyers and postcards to promotional videos.

See how I’ve helped my clients in the past:

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