Strategic design and branding, uniquely tailored to your business and your vision, to help you launch and grow a successful, professional and beautiful brand. 

I specialise in designing for fashion, hospitality and lifestyle brands.

Do you have a product-based business such as jewellery, fashion or accessory design, do you work as a sole practioner in wellness or lifestyle and are ready to build a business, or do you already have an established business such as a boutique or restaurant and want your business to stand out and be noticed, offering a whole stylish brand experience and attract your ideal audience?

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Specialising in building your brand.

By walking you through a deep brand discovery process, we’ll equip you with the tools and imagery you need to bring your brand to life. Every design is made with your story and ideal clients in mind and we’ll create a unique identity that allows you to grow and shine. 

Concept and brandstory development

We’ll explore your vision and you will get a visual report full with mood-boards based on your brandstory showing the mood of what your brand and business will look like. We’ll create a visual strategy, deciding what your branding and design needs are.

Brand identity

An original and custom made brand identity with logo, colour scheme, typography, graphic language and illustrations if needed, to be incorporated in a website and the necessary collateral.

A well designed visual brand gives you a complete, recognizable identity that’s consistent on every platform. Selected Projects.


Packaging is a very important element of your branding, it is part of your product and customer experience. It makes your client go “yummy, I’ll have that” and feel special when buying it.


A fully branded website, designed to meet your needs and beautifully styled for that full brand experience. Paired with your unique brand identity, your website will help you market your business with ease.

Marketing materials

Attract and create a following through coordinated visual marketing, from Instagram posts to printed flyers and postcards to promotional videos.


If you run a boutique, restaurant, cafe or bar, you have a vision for your new adventure and want a brand experience to match it. Designing for interiors is like designing an experience. Spaces you move through, the colours, patterns and objects that surround you, are all part of your living story.

The interior of your business plays a huge role in creating that experience. From signage, to showing off your product to creating a beautiful interior that matches you brand, it’s part of designing your brand. 

Designing interiors, fabrics and wallpapers, is part of the range of my design work. With a background in textiles and interior decoration, I have experience in creating interiors for restaurants, shops and offices, textile design and styling and designing interior concepts. Learn more.






Visual Strategy


Logo Design

Identity Design

Brand Guidelines



Website Styling

Website Design



Social Media Content

Promo Videos


Marketing materials





Styling + Design

Visual Merchandising


Starting with the branding process we uncover the essence of your brand, from which point we determine the foundation of your brand with your brand attributes and a visual interpretation. We will answer the question of who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing and start shaping your brand story. This way we will put together the base for a unique story and bring your brand to life.


I specialise in design for businesses that work in fashion, wellness and hospitality

for Designers & Makers 

Branding for creative entrepeneurs such as jewellery designers, fashion designers and other creative product based businesses.

You need a visual brand, a website and the necessary collateral to present your products in a professional and appealing way, connect with your audience and create a following.

for Wellness & Lifestyle businesses

Design and visual strategy for the sole practitioner looking to transition from one-to-one services to having a thriving business.

You are a practitioner or coach working in the area of wellness and lifestyle such as massage, yoga and pilates and you are ready to create your brand and translate your vision into a professoanl brand experience.

for Boutiques, Restaurants & Bars

Concept development & brand experience design for established business owners who are ready to launch their dream business. 

Creative and ambitious, you run a boutique, restaurant, cafe or bar, you have a vision for your new adventure and want a brand experience to match it.

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Design & Branding byKatrien. Specialising in creating beautiful brand experiences for businesses who are ready to play, grow & shine.

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