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Eva Authentic Living


Identity Design


When Eva Visser Plaza asked me to design a new logo for her company Holanda Conecta, we couldn’t have known what journey lay ahead for us. Soon, we found Eva had a real vision and we decided she had to create a new concept and a new identity to accompany this. This meant asking a lot of questions exploring and visualizing her ideas and vision through Pinterest. Eva Authentic Living was born.

It’s been a pleasure working on this new brand for Eva and I have been able to create a really wonderful, passionate and daring image for Eva Authentic Living, expressing the passion, strength and professionality of Eva and her new business.

The visual branding expresses the core of Eva’s vision: to be authentic, courageous, listen to your heart and live the life you want – be the star in your own film.



I have worked on and off with Katrien over de past years, developing my brand over time helping me finding more and more clarity regarding my vision and visual message. Katrien doesn’t sell designs, she sells emotion. As human beings we don’t buy a product or a service, we buy an emotion, and Katrien is capable of helping you to do just that: help your brand to connect with your ideal client. She does this by clarifying your vision and mission and develop a creative strategy with the right assets, such as a website, brand identity or visual content for your brand. In the end, it all comes down to conveying the essence of your business with the right message to your audience.

Eva Visser Plaza 

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