Clean & Fresh

Kalm Pilates by Sarah Vrancken is an online Pilates community, offering classes to all levels. The brief was to create a clean professional look with subtle hint of playfulness. The combination of diagonal shapes, a beautiful script font and a bright aqua-green colour create a modern and fresh look, with a dash of gold for a bit of class.

Right now we are designing a beautiful online Pilates school for Kalm Pilates, which will be revealed in the summer!

“Kalm Pilates for a balanced body that is strong, flexible and free from aches and pains. We will show you there is another way to get the body you deserve, which doesn’t involve hard cardio workouts or fad diets. Find balance in your body, find balance in your life… it’s the Kalm way.”

brand strategy / brand identity / web design / illustration / motion graphics