Free Branding Consultation


You don’t know where to start your branding?

Are you launching a new product and looking for a brand story?

Does your brand need more personality?

Are you thinking of revamping your website?

Brands are like characters in books, with their own personalities. With your business and brand you want to stand out, get noticed and convey your unique personality to attract the right customer. For this your brand needs to look the part: beautiful, professional and original. 

Would you like to chat about your brand, your ideas and the vision you have for your brand? Are you looking for inspiration or would you like to have a quick brainstorm session with someone from outside?

Why not book a Free 30 minute Branding Consultation Session? We will explore your brand, your vision and what your goals for your brand are. I will give feedback on your brand, highlight the strengths and point out the weaknesses and give advice on what you might need to develop your brand and whether I can help you.

Get a

Free Branding Consultation 


We’ll meet through Skype and have a relaxed 30 minute chat about your business and brand.

Before we meet I will send you a short questionnaire and you will be asked to send me links to websites and Pinterest boards that are relevant to your business, your brand or your product.

At the end of our chat you probably feel you have a clearer idea of what you need for your brand to develop.

This consultation is free of charge, and without any obligation.

! (1 Consultation per person/business)