Founded 20 years ago by Isis, Knutsel Frutsel sells arts & crafts and children’s toys and specialises in creating a sense of abundance and wonder. Full to the brim with toys, books and craft materials, the shop is a wonderworld full of surprises and discoveries.

How I helped

Logo & Identity design, Illustrations & Animation, Website, Marketing collateral
After many years having the same logo on her shop front and a very old website, Isis decided she wanted a new look and a new website that would express her shop’s personality.

“I am not a fan of the word or concept branding, but I love that you created a feel for my shop which now can be put on everything from store signs, to bags, to business cards. I understand now that this feeling, this story, is recognisable to my existing customers and can provoke a good feeling upon that recognition. That the brand is playful and beautiful and grabs the attention of those who do not yet know the inside of the shop.”

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