Susanne Gaspar uses her talent for creating order in chaos as The Space Woman. Susanne calls herself an “enoughist”, rather than a minimalist, believing you let go of what you don’t need. With a care and a sense of humour, she helps her clients create calm and space in their homes and lives.

How I helped

logo & Identity Design / illustrations / Webdesign
I started out with designing her brand identity and was then asked to create her website as well. A professional organiser creates clarity and space for her clients and to convey this the colour palette is light and airy, however, Susanne has a great sense of playful humour, which I wanted to come through so I chose not to keep it too minimal and add playful graphics and create a fun logo.

I hired Katrien to design my first ever website for my brand new business. Katrien was incredibly patient and took the time to understand my scope of work and what I needed from the website. She not only did the design, but also coached me and helped me focus on my ideal client. Her view on my business and my person helped me developing my brand identity, and who I want to be, what I want to represent in my profession. Katrien and I worked closely together, and in the end I received so much more than just a website design, and the outcome is so much lighter and much more fun than I expected! Thank you so much Katrien!

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