Too much of good thing can be wonderful

Too much of good thing can be wonderful...   Gold leaf Glitter The stimulating rhythms of salsa dura Hot pink Thai hot & sour soup A sexy dress Ginger hair Love Prosecco Vanilla Designer wallpaper Flowers Chocolate mousse Ornate typography Heavy thunderstorms after a...

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Playing the Piano and Designing a Brand

What do playing the piano and designing a brand have in common?   I used to play the piano when I was a late teenager. I was almost fanatical about it. It was a way to channel my emotions and I would get into a state of flow, playing for hours losing sense of time and...

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Get up close and personal with a promo video.

Promotional video allows you to get up close and personal with your audience, show them your personality and attract them to your brand. Promo videos are an entertaining and fun way to share your message, product or share info and great promo videos work because...

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What is your Brandstory? Do you know?

What is your Brandstory? Do you know? Storytelling is a very powerful way to help shape your brand. The designing of brands is a form of visual storytelling. Here are 3 steps that will help you define your story and your ideal client’s story.   1. Understand who you...

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Can feminine design be serious design?

Can feminine design be serious design? Gender equality and equal pay are hot topics at the moment and the other day I read an article about the pay gap and occupational segregation which triggered a memory from back in the days when I was at art school where I studied...

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Moodboards are an essential part of the Design Process.

An essential part of  the Design Process is creating moodboards to disstill the essence of your brand story, brainstorm ideas for a design or set the tone of the mood of your brand. Starting out with (re)branding your business or designing a new website can seem...

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Against the Ugly, the Boring and the Beige

Why do I do what I do. When I was designing my new website, I was encouraged to think about my work, my style and why I do what I do. Why I design and create brand experiences, why I illustrate, play with typography, put moodboards together.... well, all the visual...

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Sugarz logo animation

Super fun, cool and snazzy branding!! @sugarzjewelry makes colourful and creative jewelry for fashionable and fun loving women. I created a visual brand that matches the spirit of Sugarz and it's maker, full off witty visuals and catchphrases to go along with it. This...

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Moodboards are the foundation of my design process.

My first approach to visualising a brand is to create moodboards of what a brand feels like. It's the visual way of writing down thoughts. A moodboard gives me and my client clarity and inspiration on which the rest of the branding process is based on. Moodboards are...

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Dissatisfaction is fuel.

Being a creative, I always feel unsatisfied. Enjoying what has been achieved, the beauty of today... but always looking for a better or different outcome the next day. The art of pushing along and creating new things all the time 😊.... dissatisfaction is...

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A brand should be two things.

A brand should be two things: classy & fabulous. Enough said. (Paraphrasing Coco Chanel here 😉.) If you have a vision and need a sophisticated brand to go with it, have a look at how I can help you. Click here to contact me. SaveSave...

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Cultivate your curves and other brand advice.

Cultivate your curves It's International Women's Day today and I thought I would celebrate it with these two quotes by two splendid female icons: Mae West and Dolly Parton.  Cultivate your curves and find out who you are, is very much what branding is...

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